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CRA Submits Recommendation for Sharing of Revenue Between National and County Governments for FY2021/2022

The Commission on Revenue Allocation has released the recommendation on the basis for equitable sharing of revenue between national and county governments for the financial year 2021/2022. The submission was delayed by 15 days to enable the Commission build consensus with

How To Become a Member of a County Budget Economic Forum

What are County Budget and Economic Forums (CBEFS)? CBEFs are forums established in accordance with the Public Financial Management Act (PFMA) 2012 Section 137. Their main purpose is to provide a means of consultation by the county government on the preparation

What is the Future of Work?

What is the future of work? Will the jobs we currently occupy still be needed 20 years from now? How can we ensure that we remain relevant in the job market with all the changes that are taking place? These and

Renewal of Creditworthiness for Counties

Preparation for renewal of the credit rating of Bungoma, Kisumu and Makueni counties is underway. The renewal of the ratings of these counties is due by March 2021. This process is part of the County Creditworthiness Initiative whose main objective is

Explanation of the Third Basis for Revenue Sharing Among County Governments

The third basis for equitable sharing of revenue among county governments (popularly known as the formula) is based on the provision of Article 217 of the Constitution, read together with Article 216 and the Fifth Schedule Section 16. The role of

Public Hearing on the Budget for FY 2021/22 and Medium Term

Sector Working Groups have finalized the Sector Budget Proposals for FY 2021/22 and the medium term. In view of this, the National Treasury organized Public Sector Hearings on these proposals to get feedback and input from the public. The Commission participated

County Revenue Administration Structures Workshop

The Commission held Validation and Dissemination Workshops for Samburu and Lamu Counties on County Revenue Administration Structures. The objective of this workshop is to identify gaps in revenue administration and recommend action with the county for reform. The ultimate goal is

CRA Audit Committee Reconstituted

The Commission completed the process of reconstituting the Audit, Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee, following the expiry of the term of the previous Committee at the end of July.The following members will serve in the committee for a period of