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Planning the End Term Report

The Commission held a consultative workshop to plan for the Commission’s End Term Report and Review the 3rd Edition of the County Fact Sheets Development. The End Term Report will detail work carried out by the 2nd Commission from 2017 –

Commission Bids Farewell to Outgoing CEO

The Commission held an End Year Party and Exist Party for the Outgoing CEO Dr Moses Sichei on 16th December 2021. The event served as an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by as well as celebrate the times and

Opportunities for Counties to Benefit from Natural Resource Revenue

By Anastasia Wanjohi Since the advent of devolution, county governments have formed expectations and even some have budgeted for revenues from natural resources, causing unnecessary tension between county governments and mining companies. It is important that these resources are shared appropriately

Division of Revenue Recommendation between National and County Governments for The FY 2022/23

The financial year 2022/23 recommendation on the basis for equitable sharing of revenue between the national and county governments is being prepared against a backdrop of slow economic growth. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) across the world declined in 2020 as a

CRA Releases Recommendation for Sharing of Revenue Between National and County Governments for FY2022/2023

The Commission on Revenue Allocation on Tuesday, 2nd November 2021 released the recommendation on the basis for equitable sharing of revenue between national and county governments for the financial year 2022/2023.   The Commission recommended that: based on a revenue projection

Commission Visit to Mandera County

The Commission received a three-day invitation to visit Mandera county and see some of the flagship projects done by the Mandera county government right from the inception of devolution. Between 12th to 15th October 2021, the Commission led by the Commission

Analysis of PFM Regulations on Equalization Fund

The Commission is mandated under Article 216(4) to determine, publish and regularly review a policy setting out the criteria to identify marginalized areas for purposes of Article 204(2). In view of this mandate, the following are issues noted upon review of

CRA Makes Submission on Debt to Senate

The Commission made a presentation to the Senate on debt on Thursday 16th September in which it gave suggestions on how to mitigate the risk of debt distress. The Commission made the following observations and recommendations: 1. Kenya’s debt has increased

Medium-Term Budget Preparation / Training for FY 2022/23 – 2024/25

The Commission prepared its Medium-Term Budget for FY 2022/23 – 2024/25 on 16-20th August 2021. The process involved review of the previous budget, projected economic performance, alignment to constitutional timelines and promoting recovery after the COVID 19 pandemic. The process began

Launch of the Own Sources Revenue Report and Guidelines

On 26th May 2021, the Commission launched two reports featuring Counties’ Own Source Revenue (OSR) efforts titled ‘Counties Efforts towards Revenue Mobilization: A Stock of the Last Six Years’ and Own Sources Revenue Training Guidelines at the Sarova Stanley Hotel. The