County Overview

Equitable Share for FY 2019 / 2020 : Kshs. 5,09,565,000
Total Loans and Grants for FY 2019 / 2020: Kshs. 325,325,892
Own Source Revenue for FY: 2019 / 2020: Kshs. 
OSR Target for FY 2019 / 2020: Kshs. 
Current Finance Act: 2015
County Population (Census 2019): 666,763

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In the Second Policy and Criteria for Sharing Revenue Among Marginalized Areas, a total of 90 areas were identified as marginalized in Baringo County. There are found in the following constituencies: Baringo North (9 areas), Baringo South (14 areas), Mogotio (19 areas) and Tiaty (48 areas).

List of engagements between the commission and county

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Baringo County Government has consistently grown its own-source revenue over the past six years. Beginning with Kshs 202 million annual collections in 2013-14, its collection grew to kshs 250 million in the subsequent year. In 2015-16, its own-source revenue collection was kshs 279 million, which is a growth from the previous year. The growth pattern continued in 2016-17 with the county collecting Kshs 289 million and collecting kshs 301 million in 2017-18. In the last year of review 2018-19, its own-source revenue collection was kshs 359 million. Baringo county government own-source revenue has rapidly risen in nominal terms over the last six years.

Although there has been a rapid growth in own-source revenue by Baringo county government, the annual collections have not reached the estimated revenue potential. In 2018-19, the County government of Baringo collected 69 per cent of its estimated revenue potential of Kshs 516.9 million. The county can continue the rapid growth in own-source revenue since the sealing has not busted.

The County Government of Baringo attributes its consistent revenue growth patterns to revenue enhancement measure. The county automated its’ revenue systems, strengthen internal control systems, and created suitable business environments. The county upgraded markets and sales yards; provided street lighting and constructed road infrastructure in major towns all in order to enhance the business environment.


Baringo county government OSR collection and estimated potential over six years

Baringo county government budget is marginally financed by own-source revenue annually. The proportion of financing of OSR of the county’s budget has been oscillating between 5 and 6 per cent in the last six years. Financing of up to 6 per cent of the county budget by OSR indicates a very high dependence on the national government allocation.

Although own-source revenue has been snowballing in nominal terms, the county government dependence on national government allocation has remained steadily high. The steadiness of dependency has been caused by national government allocation growing more rapid than OSR growth.

Baringo county financing proportion of OSR and national government allocation over seven years

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