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Commission Visit to Mandera County

The Commission received a three-day invitation to visit Mandera county and see some of the flagship projects done by the Mandera county government right from the inception of devolution. Between 12th to 15th October 2021, the Commission led by the Commission Chairperson Dr Jane Kiringai, accompanied by three Commissioners namely Prof. Edward Oyugi, Dr Irene Asienga and Ms Fouzia Abdirkadir with four other staff visited Mandera county. Mandera County Government Projects Mandera Hospital The Mandera hospital was constructed and has been operational since 2018. I t has the following facilities among others: Four bed High Dependent Unit Six bed Intensive ...
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Analysis of PFM Regulations on Equalization Fund

The Commission is mandated under Article 216(4) to determine, publish and regularly review a policy setting out the criteria to identify marginalized areas for purposes of Article 204(2). In view of this mandate, the following are issues noted upon review of the Public Finance Management (Equalization Fund Administration) Regulations, 2021: No. Clause Recommendation Justification for Change 1. Regulation 2 Interpretation In the definition of the phrase “eligible county” add the word “Revenue” to Commission on Revenue…. Cite the proper name of the Commission on Revenue Allocation To correct an editorial error In the definition of the phrase “unutilized balance” Add ...
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CRA Visit to Marginalized Areas in Tana River County

Tana River County takes its name from River Tana which is the longest river in Kenya. It is a county in the former Coast Province, Kenya with a population of 315,943 according to the 2019 census and an area of 35,375.8 square kilometres (13,658.7 sq. mi). The administrative headquarter of the county is Hola. The County has three sub-counties; Bura, Galole and Garsen. Tana River is one of the 14 counties listed as marginalised in the First Policy highlighting marginalised areas in Kenya. In the second policy, which identified areas as opposed to counties, Tana River has 65 areas identified ...
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SECOND POLICY AND CRITERIA FOR SHARING REVENUE AMONG MARGINALISED AREAS Background The Constitution mandates the Commission to determine, publish and regularly review a policy in which it sets out the criteria by which to identify the marginalised areas for purposes of the Equalisation Fund. The first such policy was published in 2013 and applied subsequently. Factors that have Contributed to Marginalisation Two key factors contributed to marginalisation: colonial policies and practices, and inadequate post colonial corrective redistributive policies. These factors limited access to services by some ccommunities /areas. In effect, marginalisation in Kenya is largely matter of exclusion from participation ...
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Call for Abstracts on Marginalization

Call for Abstracts on Marginalization  The Commission is mandated by Article 216(4) of the Constitution to determine, publish and regularly review a policy in which it sets out the criteria by which to identify marginalized areas in the country for purpose of the equalization fund. The Fund, as per Article 204(2) is to be used to provide basic services to the marginalized areas to the extent necessary to bring the quality of those services to the level generally enjoyed by the rest of the nation. In the process of developing the second policy, CRA engaged in extensive stakeholder engagements, data analysis and county visits that revealed ...
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