Training on Stata Software

The Research and Knowledge Management (RKM) Department trained staff on the use of STATA software. We interviewed the RKM Deputy Director Dr Naomi Mathenge on how it would help research in the Commission.

What is STATA and what features are used in STATA?

STATA is an integrated statistical program that is used for data analysis. It is capable of handling and manipulating large data sets including visualization, generating statistics and reports.

How does the STATA software help the Commission? What functions can the Commission perform with the help of STATA?

The Commission compiles a lot of data from counties and other sources that can provide a lot of information on development outcomes when analysed. Data analysis is also very key in evidence-based policymaking hence this training is an added advantage to staff who are keen on exploring data

What is different about this software in comparison to others? What makes the tool more intuitive?

STATA is a very useful tool for data management and survey work. However, there are many other software available for data analysis that are suitable for different types of analysis.

The choice of what software to use is mainly guided by the type of data one is analyzing and to a lesser extent preference.

You recently carried out a training for staff on the software. How did the training go? What skills were gained?

The training was aimed at introducing staff to the STATA software and the software’s data manipulation and data management features. It also served as a refresher to STATA users who had not used the software for a while.

What next after this? Is there any other training scheduled?

This training was just the beginning and we just scratched the surface. However, it served as a starting point for those interested in pursuing a deeper understanding of data analysis capabilities in STATA.

Any additional information?

I would encourage those interested in learning more to take advantage of online STATA courses as new features are always being added to the software. One has to keep abreast of the changes and new features being added regularly.

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