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Commission Holds Consultative Meeting on the County Government Recurrent Expenditure Budget Ceilings for Financial Year 2022/2023

The Commission on Revenue Allocation held a consultative meeting with the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) on Friday, April 1, 2022 to discuss the Recurrent Expenditure Budget Ceilings for County Governments for the FY 2022/2023. The consultations were held as part of the Commission’s stakeholder engagement ahead of tabling in Parliament of next year’s County Government’s Recurrent Expenditure Budget Ceilings. Participants included CRA Commissioner Kishanto ole Suuji, the Commission CEO James Katule and the Deputy Director Parliamentary Budget Office Ms Lucy Makara, and officials from the Commission Secretariat and the PBO. During the workshop, participants were informed that the purpose of ...
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CRA Makes Submission on Debt to Senate

The Commission made a presentation to the Senate on debt on Thursday 16th September in which it gave suggestions on how to mitigate the risk of debt distress. The Commission made the following observations and recommendations: 1. Kenya’s debt has increased from 49 % of GDP in 2013 to 68% of GDP in 2020. Kenya’s debt dynamics need to be understood in the context of fiscal deficits. The country has been financing expenditure through high fiscal deficits in excess of 6%. Rising debt mirrors the fiscal deficit. The current debt position reflects our cumulative fiscal policy stance (Fig 1). Parliament ...
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County Government Treasuries are required to obtain and consider the views of CRA before sending the County Fiscal Strategy Papers to the County Assembly on February 28th each year. However, during this reporting period, CFSPs submissions to the Commission were very low, with only seven counties (15% of the total) submitting by February 28, 2021. Four counties, accounting for 11% of the total, submitted their CFSPs after February 28, 2021, while 36 counties, accounting for 74%, have yet to send their CFSPs to the CRA. The Commission has reviewed and provided comments as required by the law to the respective ...
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How To Become a Member of a County Budget Economic Forum

What are County Budget and Economic Forums (CBEFS)? CBEFs are forums established in accordance with the Public Financial Management Act (PFMA) 2012 Section 137. Their main purpose is to provide a means of consultation by the county government on the preparation of county plans, the County Fiscal Strategy Paper, the Budget Review and Outlook Paper for the county, matters relating to budgeting, the economy, and financial management at the county level. How are they constituted? They are constituted as per PFMA 2012 section 137 (1). The CRA guidelines further clarify the establishment, nomination, composition, function, and consultative process. Who are ...
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Renewal of Creditworthiness for Counties

Preparation for renewal of the credit rating of Bungoma, Kisumu and Makueni counties is underway. The renewal of the ratings of these counties is due by March 2021. This process is part of the County Creditworthiness Initiative whose main objective is to as­sist County Governments access financing through the capital market for purposes of public infrastructure development and service de­livery. The first step towards accessing financing for counties is to enhance the creditworthiness of County Governments. Specifically, CCI aims to achieve the following outcomes: (i) a strengthened financial management system in the counties as may be necessary for market access; ...
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