About the Committee

The primary purpose of FAC is to provide a regular and consistent administrative support framework that will ensure that CRA becomes a highly efficient, accountable and transparent institution. FAC will endeavour to review, evaluate and make regular recommendations to the Commission to support CRA meet its constitutional mandates.

Broadly, FAC shall be responsible for CRA’s strategic plans, operational manuals, procedures and guidelines, various administrative directives and Gazette notices and all matters that may emanate from the Government that relate to the Commission’s operations and report to the Full Commission. General areas of focus shall be:
1. Finance
2. Human Resources & Administration
3. Procurement
4. Communication
5. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
6. Any other assignment that may be directed by the Commission.

The FAC shall undertake the following:

Finance matters:

a) Establish and from time review the Finance and Planning Strategies of the Commission.
b) Establish and review  overall  budgeting  and  budgetary  control policies of the Commission.
c) From time to time, develop financial policies and procedures in line with international best practices, international financial reporting standards, and in accordance with any other applicable laws of Kenya.
d) Ensure that at all times, there are adequate  system  of  internal controls, management and financial reporting.

Human  resources  and Administration matters:

a) Create and establish a conducive working environment that can lead to a high performance organizational culture befitting of independent Constitutional body.
b) Establish and   regularly   review   the   Human   Resources   and Administration strategies and policies of the Commission.
c) Establish and review the overall remuneration and benefits policy for all employees of the Commission.
d) Review and recommend an appropriate Organisational Structure that effectively supports the Commission in fulfilling its constitutional mandate.
e) Perform or delegate, review and monitor the Sponsor function of the Commission with respect to the employee pension scheme sponsored by the Commission.
f) Ensure  compliance   with   relevant   legislation   and   practices governing human resources strategy.

Procurement matters:

a) Oversee compliance with the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2015 (“Procurement Act”) and Regulations issued thereunder.
b) Ensure that the Commission’s credibility is enhanced by promoting fair dealings with suppliers and other stakeholders.

Communication matters:

a) Ensure that there is a robust policy framework for effective internal and external communication.
b) Ensure that the communication department has the most accurate and update information of the Commissions mandate, operations and activities.
c) Ensure a positive image of the commission is maintained at all times.

ICT matters:

a) Assist the Commission in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the implementation of ICT infrastructure within the Commission and county government.
b) Reviewing the Commission’s ICT governance structure.
c) Reviewing the Commission’s ICT Policies and making appropriate recommendations to the Commission.
d) To create partnerships  with  ICT  based  government  institutions whose mandates complements CRA Mandates.
e) To review    recommendations    on    financing    and    financial management through process automation to county government.

The Committee consists of four (4) Commissioners among whom one will be selected chairperson by the Commission. The following may assist the committee with its discussion on any particular matter and shall attend the meetings of the committee:
1. The Commission Secretary/Chief Executive Officer
2. Directors/Head of Departments where applicable.
3. Any other person at the discretion of the FAC.

Upcoming Activities


Ongoing Activities


Past Activities


Planning the End Term Report

The Commission held a consultative workshop to plan for the Commission’s End Term Report and Review the 3rd Edition of the County Fact Sheets Development. The End Term Report will detail work carried out by the 2nd Commission from 2017 – 2022. More details to follow ...
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Commission Bids Farewell to Outgoing CEO

The Commission held an End Year Party and Exist Party for the Outgoing CEO Dr Moses Sichei on 16th December 2021. The event served as an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by as well as celebrate the times and moments we were so privileged to share with our outgoing CEO and Commission Secretary Dr Moses Sichei who is leaving the Commission at the end of December 2021. During the event, speakers extolled the achievements of Dr Sichei. The Chairperson Dr Kiringai, Vice-Chairperson Humphrey Wattanga and Commissioners Dr Irene Asienga, Kishanto ole Suuji expressed their sentiments of working with ...
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Importance of a Clean Audit to Public Officers

The Commission was complemented by the National Treasury for receiving unqualified (clean) audit opinion from the Office of Auditor General for the financial year 2018/2019. (Period ended 30 June 2019) But what is a clean audit? Why is it important? A clean audit refers to unqualified audit opinion. In layman’s language, unqualified opinion is a statement from the independent auditor that the financial statements of an organization present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of that organization and of its financial performance and its cash flows for the reporting period. Further, that the Auditor was satisfied with the ...
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Public Hearing on the Budget for FY 2021/22 and Medium Term

Sector Working Groups have finalized the Sector Budget Proposals for FY 2021/22 and the medium term. In view of this, the National Treasury organized Public Sector Hearings on these proposals to get feedback and input from the public. The Commission participated in Public Sector Hearings on Friday, 27th November. During the hearings, the public is given a chance to interrogate the budget for transparency purposes, as well as raise any queries concerning the delivery of various institutional mandates ...
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