Commission Bids Farewell to Outgoing CEO

The Commission held an End Year Party and Exist Party for the Outgoing CEO Dr Moses Sichei on 16th December 2021. The event served as an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by as well as celebrate the times and moments we were so privileged to share with our outgoing CEO and Commission Secretary Dr Moses Sichei who is leaving the Commission at the end of December 2021.

During the event, speakers extolled the achievements of Dr Sichei. The Chairperson Dr Kiringai, Vice-Chairperson Humphrey Wattanga and Commissioners Dr Irene Asienga, Kishanto ole Suuji expressed their sentiments of working with him. They said he is very firm in all he does and also fair, he does not show favouritism to anyone. He also views much as black and white, and therefore always seeks to do that which is right to all.

Kennedy Abongo, speaking on behalf of staff said that the CEO is a stickler for the rules and thorough; he follows the law to its letter and spirit and is very methodical in all he does. He was also viewed as being empathetic and genuinely caring about people.

Dr Sichei shared his experiences working in the Commission and said that he had grown as a leader over the time he was in the Commission. He noted that most of his actions were birthed from the several years he has spent working in the United Nations organisations, where a key tenet is to ensure egalitarianism; where everyone deserves equal rights and responsibilities. He noted that changes he had instituted including ensuring fairness in travel opportunities, training and staff promotions to the best of his ability.

He informed staff that he was moving back to a United Nations organisation: United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and he will be based in Uganda. He requested anyone to contact him when they are in the country and he will make time to meet with them.

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