Division of Revenue Bill (DoRB) 2021 Passed by Senate

The Senate on 13th April, 2021 passed the Division of Revenue Bill, 2021. The Bill comprises the following allocations:

  • Allocation to National Government– Ksh.1,398 trillion,
  • Allocation to County Governments is Ksh. 370billion, and the
  • Equalisation Fund Ksh. 6,825 billion.

However, the Senate, in line with the ruling of Petition 252 of 2016, approved removal of all conditional grants from the DoRB. Consequently: leasing of medical equipment, supplement for construction of county Hqs and Loans and Grants from donors, all amounting to Ksh.39.9 billion, have been removed from the DORB 2021 as passed by the Senate.

The Senate resolved that the Ksh. 39.9 billion has to be channeled to the County government through a different legal instrument and not the DoRB. A committee comprising Senate, National Assembly, National Treasury, COG AG’s office, PBO and CRA was constituted to define the new legal instrument to be used to transfer conditional grants to county governments.

Click here to read the earlier DoRB gazetted on 8th March, 2021: http://bit.ly/DORB_2021_Draft_1


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