Call for Abstracts on Marginalization

 The Commission is mandated by Article 216(4) of the Constitution to determine, publish and regularly review a policy in which it sets out the criteria by which to identify marginalized areas in the country for purpose of the equalization fund. The Fund, as per Article 204(2) is to be used to provide basic services to the marginalized areas to the extent necessary to bring the quality of those services to the level generally enjoyed by the rest of the nation. In the process of developing the second policy, CRA engaged in extensive stakeholder engagements, data analysis and county visits that revealed gaps in the way marginalization is understood and addressed. In this regard, the Commission, in addition to policy recommendations identified the need to create a broader framework to collaborate with various stakeholders including the public to address marginalization through a detailed examination of root causes, various forms of marginalization, possible policy and legal interventions as well as regular sharing of experiences. This led to the creation of The Marginalization Lab, that will offer a formal, open platform to engage, examine and interrogate, all facets of inequality and seek possible solutions to end marginalization within a reasonable timeframe. The primary objectives of the Lab are;
    i) Promoting research and robust discourse on national and county inequality/marginalization dynamics as a basis for influencing policy interventions for
effective de-marginalization of the Kenyan society
   ii) Establishing a network of scholars, policy makers and providing them with a platform for a continuous discourse on marginalization
   iii) Providing opportunities for peer learning on ways of addressing different facets of marginalization and
   iv) Make recommendations on how to address marginalization and inequity in Kenya.
The Marginalization Lab Steering Committee is planning to hold a two and a half days’ conference in Nairobi in May 2020. The conference shall include sharing of experiences from grass root participants on issues of marginalization. It is envisaged that the conference will bring together participants from marginalized communities, emerging marginalized groups, researchers, policy makers, civic actors, academia among others. The Steering committee
expects that the Conference will lead to an open and deeper understanding of the subject and formulate specific actions towards de-marginalization in Kenya.