The Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) with assistance from the European Union (EU) is working with five county governments to assess their revenue management systems and make recommendations on areas for improvement. As part of the implementation of this programme, CRA held a training for revenue officers from 13 counties to enhance capacity of county revenue staff on usage of revenue management systems.

The first training session focused on enhancing revenue administration skills, where participants were taught the qualities of good revenue management system, how to collect taxes and other revenues, revenue accounting, revenue assessment and database management, internal controls in revenue collection, among other topics.


In the second session, participants were trained on rate setting and revenue forecasting. They also learned various revenue management systems and emerging trends and issues in revenue management in Kenya.

As a way forward, participants made the following key recommendations to the Commission:

  1. CRA needs to develop a revenue administration manual using information from experienced revenue staff at county level;
  2. There is a need for revenue administration to be centralised for better budgeting and accountability;
  3. CRA should make a recommendation on standardised revenue management electronic systems;
  4. There is a need for revenue forecasting to start from the bottom up and not from the top down;
  5. Ways of minimizing political interference in revenue collection are needed;
  6. Cost-benefit analysis on agency revenue collection required;
  7. CRA to document best practices in revenue management in the Counties;
  8. There is a need to provide recommendation on effective revenue management structure.

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