CRA joins 10 Year Celebration for Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices

April 13, 2022: Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices (CC&IOs) Wednesday, April 13, 2022, celebrated 10 years since their inception, at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Nairobi.

Hon. Lady Justice Martha Koome, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya and Chairperson of the Judicial Service Commission, was the Chief Guest. Other guests in attendance included Chairpersons, Chief Executive Officers and staff of CC&IOs and members of the diplomatic corps.

The event accorded CC&IOs an opportunity to sensitize the public and other stakeholders on their mandates, activities, and programmes and to showcase their achievements. The theme of the celebration was “Celebrating a Decade of Promoting Constitutionalism and Observance of Democratic Values and Principles.”

Chief Justice Martha Koome (right) hands over the Compendium to CRA Commissioner Dr. Irene Asienga at the Celebration

During the event, the Chief Justice launched the CC&IOs Compendium which highlights their journey over the last decade. The Compendium highlights CC&IOs’ achievements and challenges in line with their Constitutional mandates and their strategic plans for the next 10 years.

The CC&IOs Compendium launched during the celebrations

In her speech, Hon. Koome noted that the purpose of the CC&IOs is to protect the sovereignty of the people, secure observance of democratic values and principles and promote constitutionalism. She also observed that the 10th Anniversary Celebration provided an opportune moment for the CC&IOs to reflect on their 10-year journey.

“This is a moment to peer into the future and ponder on how to improve our effectiveness in delivering on each of our institutions’ mandates and overall object of promoting constitutionalism and good governance as articulated in Article 249 of the Constitution,” she said.

Commissioner Dr Irene Asienga participated in a discussion panel on Financial Prudence and Oversight on behalf of CRA, moderated by CRA CEO James Katule. During the session, Dr Asienga informed participants that CRA has upheld constitutionalism and sovereignty of the people by ensuring that since 2013 the Commission’s recommendations increased sharable revenue from 190 billion to the recent allocation of 370 billion.

She pointed out that CRA’s recommendation on allocation has always been above the 15% as required by the constitution and that the more recent amount of 370 billion allocated to counties was actually 27.3% as per the recently audited accounts. She also noted that CRA has developed ceilings to limit expenditure in county governments.

“We have developed expenditure budget ceilings that limit recurrent expenditure to ensure more funds are available for development activities in county governments,” she said.

The CC&IOs also exhibited various publications highlighting services, achievements and challenges experienced in the past 10 years. CRA distributed to participants three publications:

  1. The Technical Report of the Third Basis on Revenue Sharing Among County Governments and its brochure;
  2. The Second Policy and Criteria for Sharing Revenue Among Marginalized Areas
  3. Counties’ Efforts Towards Revenue Mobilisation: A Stock of the First 6 Years

A CRA staff member, Andrew Munyao, attends to a participant at the exhibition booth during the celebrations

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