How To Become a Member of a County Budget Economic Forum

What are County Budget and Economic Forums (CBEFS)? CBEFs are forums established in accordance with the Public Financial Management Act (PFMA) 2012 Section 137. Their main purpose is to provide a means of consultation by the county government on the preparation of county plans, the County Fiscal Strategy Paper, the Budget Review and Outlook Paper for the county, matters relating to budgeting, the economy, and financial management at the county level. How are they constituted? They are constituted as per PFMA 2012 section 137 (1). The CRA  guidelines further clarify the establishment, nomination, composition, function, and consultative process. Who are members of CBEF? CBEF members are the Governor who is the Chairperson; the County Executive Committee Members (up to a maximum of 11 members including the Deputy Governor); and a number of representatives, not being county public officers, equal to the number of executive committee members appointed by the Governor from persons nominated by organizations representing professionals, business, labor issues, women, persons with disabilities, elderly and faith-based groups at the county level. How are they selected? The County Executive Committee Members are appointed by the county governor, with the approval of the assembly. The CRA guidelines outline the selection process for the non-state 23  actors. The selection process takes approximately 2 months and 27 days. It starts upon the governor taking office, and within 30 days after the appointment of the county executive members, he releases a call/advertisement for nominations for the CBEF. Once the Governor has received the nominations, he has 30 days to make the final appointments. Once the appointments have been made, the Governor has 7 days to publish and publicize the names of the appointments. This information shall be published using print media, radio, public notices in religious institutions and markets and other available means. Can anyone become a member of CBEF? Ideally for a person to become a member, he/she has to represent an organization (constituency) of professionals, business, labor issues, women, persons with disabilities, elderly and faith-based groups at the county level. Also, the person should have at least a diploma and basic knowledge of budget and economic affairs. What is their role in the county government budgeting process? The role of CBEFs in county governments are to;
  • Coordinate and collect views from the public during the budgeting process
  • Function as a think-tank for the County government in terms of financial and economic management.
  • Assist the county to analyze and identify its priorities as they budget for programs, Improve coordination between the citizens and government
  • Improve the harmonization of project implementation and funding.
How can I support the CBEF in my county? You can support the CBEF in your County by ensuring you participate in the public participation forums. You can give comments, inputs, or ask queries on issues of county plans, County Fiscal Strategy Paper, County Review and Outlook paper, the budget process, Economy and Financial Management either directly or by any other method that the county government has outlined.  If you are a member of an organization then you can channel your input through the CBEF Member representing your organization/constituency. Put your representative to accountability by asking for feedback.
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    I’m interested to be one of CBEF member , kindly keep me posted on the recruitment progress.

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